Sometimes, when it comes to horse racing, a general and simpler strategy will work better. It generally depends upon the kinds of horse racing betting markets that you’re wagering on. However, one such strategy that might be of interest to you is known as Value Betting. Fortunately, this one can also be applied to several other sports, so it’s not exclusive to horse racing. This is where it differs to the dutching system, for example. Value Betting is much more of a general betting routine, so it’s a lot easier to pick up and work with.

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That being said, it is still a great system to utilise in order to maximise the amount of profits that you make. It generally requires you to seek out selections that have been under-priced and take advantage of such. So, if a horse has a higher chance of winning than the bookmaker suggests with its odds price offering, that’s where Value Betting comes into play. But, exactly how do you use this to your own advantage?

Value Betting in the Spotlight

In order to further explain this method to you, we need to give a little bit of an example. Let’s say that you’ve found a horse that has been given odds of 3/1. However, you’ve done a bit of research on the horse yourself, and from the information gathered, you believe it to have a higher chance of winning the race. In fact, you’re sure that a 4/1 odds offering would be much more appropriate. Naturally, this looks like quite an oversight into the bookmaker’s own calculations. This is what’s known as a good value bet.

Now, as we said, value betting is something that’s quite simple – when you know how. And learning how to spot a value bet is something that requires a bit of practise and experience. You will need to perfect your handicapping practises too. This means that you’ll need to be good at running through the past statistics and form of a horse. Furthermore, you need to know that this data supports your own Value Bet hunch. Additionally, if you know how to read a race card fully, then you’re already part of the way there.

It’s also good to latch on to a select few smaller stables. Familiarise yourself with the horses from those stables and learn about their information. It’s an invaluable set of information that provides you with all of the necessary data about the horses that you can bet on. The more you know in advance, the better you can utilise that. This will then give you the information to hand when you spot a race featuring such a horse or horses from those stables. In this instance, locating the value bets will be much easier because of the knowledge that you already have to hand.


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